AVO Dobermans guarantee

                              Doberman Puppy Guarantee
                              This puppy is guaranteed for LIFE not to be afflicted with
                              Von willebrand's disease.(afflicted -Must be proven to be
                              afflicted through DNA testing (VetGen)  The puppy is guranteed
                              four years from the date of birth for the following serious medical
                              health problems: Gastric Dilation-Volvulus (GDV),
                              Malignant Histiocytosis, Canine Granulocytopathy
                              (Leukocyte Adhesion Protein Deficie, Dilated
                              Cardiomyopathy, Endocardiosis, Mitral Valve
                               Defects, Persistent Right Aortic Arch (vascular
                              ring anomaly), Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia,
                              Albinoid Syndrome, Chronic Active Hepatitis,
                              Diabetes Mellitus, Pancreatic Hypoplasia,
                              Portosystemic Shunt (Extrahepatic), Portosystemic
                              Shunt (Intrahepatic), Dancing Doberman Disease,
                              Masticatory Myositis (Atrophic Myositis), Doberman
                              Pinscher Lower Motor Neuron Disease, Narcolepsy
                              (Cataplexy), Sensory Ganglioradiculitis,
                              Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Cryptorchidism (only
                              in males placed with breeding rights),
                              Pseudohermaphrodite (Only if sold with breeding
                              rights), XO Syndrome (Turner's Syndrome) (Only if
                              sold with breeding rights), Primary Ciliary
                              Dyskinesia (Immotile Cilia Syndrome),
                              Hemivertebra, Lumbosacral Stenosis,                                                  
                              The puppy must be fed a premium food at all times for this
                              guarantee to remain in affect.  Some examples of this
                              are Natures Recipe, Canidae,Chicken Soup
                              for the pet lovers Soul and many others. Go here  
                              to evaluate a food you plan on using.   Contact me for
                              advice if unsure.  You must retain proof that you are using
                              a high quality food. 

                              Puppy is guaranteed for 72 hours againist fatal
                              viruses. This includes Parvo, Distemper, Corona,
                              it does not cover Kennel Cough and Coccidiosis
                              which are bacterial and or not life threatening.
                              If  a health problem arises, the puppy must be
                              returned accompanied by all paperwork supplied by
                              the seller at the time of sale, along with a
                              written statement from the veterinarian stating
                              defect or illness. For any defect or illness , the
                              puppy must either be examined by the sellers
                              veterinarian to confirm the defect is related to
                              it's genetic medical health, or the veterinarian
                              must review medical records to determine this
                              relationship. Guarantee is for puppy replacement
                              only. At no time will seller be responsible for
                              any veterinarian bills except for those confirming
                              defect or illness by my veterinarian. Claim must be filed with
                               in  21 days of diagnosis

                             LIMITATIONS OF GUARANTEE
                              The guarantee applies to the original owner of the puppy 
                              and is non-transferable. The puppy must be in good
                              physical condition. No replacement will be given for males or females
                              that have been bred (pups that have been bred will
                              qualify for 50% discount on another pup),  If
                              bought on limited Reg, and puppy was not spayed or neutered before
                              10 months, or whose registration
                              application form has expired, or that have not
                              been examined by Vet within 72 hours of leaving
                              kennel. Puppy or adult dog must be returned to
                              kennel. Owner is responsible for transportation
                              costs to and from kennel, and for ear cropping of
                              replacement pup.


AVO Dobermans Puppy Guarantee
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