Ear Cropping is a service which I can provide  for you.  It is
$400.00, that is my cost and that is what it will cost you.  Payment must be up front along with the $250 puppy deposit(when the puppies are born and have been vet checked) neither of which is refundable.  It is getting very hard to find vets that perform this service.  My vet has been doing it for over 20 years.
let me know the type of crop you desire;military, medium or show.  If you are getting a show cut and you want something specific, send me a picture.

Shipping is available by air only, unless you can provide something else.
It costs the same to ship to the west coast as it does the east.    Airlines change there rates and costs are based at time of shipping.
                         We use United Airlines exclusively because of their Pet Safe program.  If you wish to use a courier service that is your resposibility to make arrangements