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Dear Alan,
I hope this email finds you well.

Today is Bauer's 4th Birthday. He has grown up very well.

He is everything we wanted and hoped for as a family member and protector.

Physically he is right in line with breed standards. He's a lean 90 lbs and stands like a show dog.

Bauer's matured, but still has his moments and demonstrates a lot of puppy energy/love (we don't think that will ever change and we don't want it to).

I've attached a couple recent photos.

Thanks again for helping bring him into our lives.

Take care.

Andrew, Amy, Elyse & Bauer (The Kueny's)

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Hi Alan,

Just thought we'd send you the latest and greatest from Ranger. He's growing like a weed and we couldn't be more pleased with his development.

He recently started obedience training, and is very well behaved. The last time I took him to the pet store people said, "look how we'll behaved he is, that dog must be a show dog!" The store trainer even came over and complimented his looks and behavior.

Yesterday he was tested for protection training. Within minutes of the trainer acting like a "bad guy", Ranger was barking, and lunged for and bit his protected arm. The trainer said he has lots of potential and that he reminds him of an "old school Doberman Pinscher"; extremely smart, very trainable, attentive, and fearless. Next time we will try the agility course and I'm so excited to have many adventures together.

Thanks for your dedication to the breed, we are considering adding a female to our pack in the future, and will certainly consider your services. If you need any testimonials or photos for your website, we'd be happy to help.

Happy New Year!
Gita, Paul, & Ranger

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Just wanted to let you know all is going well here with Magnum.  What a GREAT dog!!!  I take a million pictures, and will try to get a few more out to you.  Posting his ears is going okay, the one ear ALWAYS fall out.  Ug!  But I think his ears are looking good and he is such a patient little man.  :)
He goes to the barn with me two to three times a day, he is getting used to everything and is such a good boy. 

My Chihuahua is having some trouble adjusting, but Magnum his helping him adjust very nicely.  :) 
Oh one more thing, I took him to the vet on monday and my vet said that Magnum was in EXCELLENT Health, a very healthy puppy.  He was impressed and glad to see I did my home work and picked out a very good breeder.  :) 
Thank you!! 
A few Pics of Magnum learning how to drive.  :) He will be hauling manure by himself in no time.... he can't wait to drive the "big" tractor. 
Every day I am thankful for you and the great work you put into these puppies. 
laura clark


Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2011 9:37 PM
To: Alan ortman
Subject: Henry

Hi Alan,
Been awhile since we updated you on Henry and since we have a bit of good news I thought I'd drop a line. Henry passed his Canine Good Citizen test last night!! It was his second time taking it.... the first time he got a little too excited when he saw the other dog and barked at him. We are so proud of him. He finished his first round of agility classes two weeks ago. I can't even tell you how much fun he has in those classes. The first couple classes we had to separate him from the other dogs while waiting our turn to run the course because he was so amped up from running the course. By the 6th week he calmed down enough to patiently wait his turn in line with the other dogs.
He still attends day care two days a week and is making a new friend there every week. We have been taking him to the pier on Lake Ontario on a regular basis and he loves to walk along the water and take in all the sights and sounds. He is up to ~65 pounds now. We get so many compliments on him every where we take him. He just had his 1 year check up at the vet and they LOVE him there. Said he is so healthy and one of the best dobermans they have ever had.
Hope this finds you well. Thought you would enjoy an update..... I'll send some pics and/or video when I can gather some worth sending.
Anni, Mike and Henry

Abby and Morgan -"Dutch" -Phelps New York
We absolutely love our new yet to be named puppy!!  He fit right in immediately...slept all night on our bed!!   He is the most loving,  laid back pup we've ever had!!    Certainly, you can use the picture of Abby and Morgan on your web sight..  Will let you know when we name him.  Thanks and believe me you and your pups will be the talk of my friends, and a highly recommended  breeder we have ever met!


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    Angus fit right in....by the time we got to Transit he began to loosen up, and by the time we got home he was comfortable. He seems to be a very calm and contented pup...easy going...doesn't startle easily, plays energetically and then just curls up wherever he is and falls asleep. His first night in the crate went very well...he cried for about 5-10 minutes then fell sound asleep and slept all night. We are all very happy ( Angus too). We will definitely keep in touch. Thanks again.
    Kev & Trish
"Angus"- Kevin and Trish, New York

shopped breeders cant find anyone we prefer to your family
Avo dobermans
"Roe" 2010
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Our vet checked out Tate Yesterday and proclaimed her healthy as an ox. She received her 8 wk shots and we checked to see if the chip registered. He will do her ears in about three weeks when she goes for her next shots. Spek the beagle is adjusting to having an rowdy play mate. Tate is quickly learning to sit and down on command, she is so smart. She   has a wonderfully loud soprano voice  and uses it to announce her displeasure at being in her crate. I have attached a pic of her and Harry our vet. Best Fred and Rhonda

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Hello!!! I can't even begin to tell you how well things are with Gunner! We love him so much!!
He is so well behaved, smart (sometimes too smart), beautiful, and caring. I even have people stop me at the store to compliment me on him (even when he's not with me).  I cant think of what  our lives would be like without him, even when he's hogging the whole bed. Jason and I just recently had a baby boy and Gunner just cant get enough of him. He's always by his side looking after him. He's a great big brother! Gunner also has a bestfriend named Rex, he's a chocolate lab that lives right next door. He'll sit outside their door and wait for him to come out and play for the day.
I want to thank you again for bringing him into our lives! Please enjoy the pictures.

Well, I just wanted to touch base with you and tell you that I could
not be more pleased with my little Gracie as she is loving, sweet,
and very smart.  I now have a little bit of both in Addie and
Gracie.  Addie is very smart but not nearly as sweet and gentle as
Gracie.  Addie makes a great security dog and performs her job quite
well even though she is still a pup but she is not a dog you can curl
up next to and love on very well.  In other words she is not a
submissive dog at all.  She obeys and is quite smart but definitely
has a different personality than Gracie.  Gracie has a very relaxed
and natural submissiveness about her that can only come from human
interaction.  That goes to show that all that personal attention you
give those babies makes all the difference in the world in the long
run.  Addie was raised by her litter mates and it is quite
obvious.  Thanks for being such a good breeder and caring so much for
the breed and the owners that buy them from you.

Your Friend,


Hi Alan,
It's been two months and all is well and progressing at a nice pace with Bauer.

Last week he had his last visit to the vet to finish his inoculations. He is weighing in at 28.7 lbs. Our vet is very impressed with him.

It has been so much fun watching him grow and even begin to mature. Right now we are getting a mix of calm, attentive dog and crazy playful puppy. We recently had a gathering at our home with 30+ people and he was a prince (aside from doing his best to snatch a cheeseburger, he's so fast and smooth).

Thank you again for helping us bring Bauer into our lives. Amy & I couldn't be more happy with him.

I've attached a few pictures. He's a handsome little guy.

Take care.

Andrew & Amy

Collingswood NJ

picture of a beautiful Fawn doberman-AVO dobermans
One of our beautiful fawns
owned by Eric M-Corfu NY

Fine healthy 6 year old Doberman-AVO Dobermans
testimony of another satisfied AVO doberman owner
Derenda Family-Buffalo New York

John and Maggie H -New York

Eddie E-Rochester NY

Satisfied repeat customer,testomonial,AVO dobermans

We purchased a Doberman pup from Alan 7 years ago and came back again for our next dobe.  Jazz was such a wonderful dog we never thought of going any where else.

Bill and Cindy Williams-Manchester NewYork

Hi Alan,

We received your note/survey, so I'll just answer your questions here.

We DO still have the Dobermans (2).
We feed them Iams Natural food (and carrots)!
We never took them for obedience training - we trained them ourselves
We never put them in shows - we got them for companionship and protection
We LOVE our babies!
We would DEFINITELY buy another one - not enough room in the house right now!
We would absolutely recommend you to other people.
We would be willing to be used as a reference on your web site.

Our red Doby - Zeus aka "Moo-Moo" and our black Doby - Duke Jr. aka "Bubba" are such blessings to us.  They are like children with very different, distinct personalities.  Zeus is definitely the domineering one.  He does the protecting and barking, while Bubba just wants to snuggle and have us pet him.  Zeus ALWAYS has a toy in his mouth, constantly exercising his jaws on hard rubber toys or bones.  Bubba could care less about toys.  

They both think they are still lap puppies.  We spend our "family time" in the living room watching TV.  Mark sits in his recliner with Zeus curled up in his lap.  Bubba wants to be with me on the loveseat.  Sometimes I get both of them on the loveseat with me.  

Also, they both "talk" - it's quite hysterical when they get going.  Mark narrates what they are saying if they could talk - the dialogue is quite hysterical!!

Yes, we are so happy with our babies - they are a great joy to us.  Attached are two photos (Sharon's a lousy photographer)! 

Mark & Sharon Phillips
Niagara Falls

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Hi Alan,

Just wanted to send you a note and a few quick pics of our dog Luther.  We purchased Luther from you this past June (one of Mila's 4/23/14 pups).  He is such a great dog, we wanted to say thanks again and let you know how much we love and enjoy him.  He gets along wonderfully with our older cat and is a special part of our family, just as we had envisioned.  Hope you, your dogs and family are all well, best wishes for your next litter.

Danielle Walters
(New Hartford, NY)

I just wanted to touch bases as it has been over three  years now and this handsome man is just the love of my life.  Along with my horses of course. 

I have not taken him riding with me yet, but he was running 3 - 4 miles with me 3 to 4 times a week.  So I think he is up to the task, but we have been so busy I unfortunately have not been ridding much this year.

My husband, Jim, really likes him too, the only dog Jim has ever liked/loved.  :)

I hope all is well.  Just wanted you see what a handsome man Magnum has turned into.  He is so very impressive. 

Oh, we went camping up in Connecticut with my daughter and Magnum was the talk of the camp ground.  EVERYONE just loved him.  One woman had never seen one in person and was just so impressed with him.  An older gentleman said he used to raise King Dobermans, I think that is what he called them.  They averaged 100 - 150 pounds he said.  Magnum is an impressive 80lbs.  Great health. If I could talk my husband in getting another Avortman Doberman tomorrow I would.  :)  But we have three dogs now. 

My Chihuahua is very intimidated by Magnum, last year we rescued a jack Russel/begle cross and She just loves Maganum.  She gives him a run for his money.  Whatever Magnum does she does.  If Magnum barks, she barks, if Magnum isn't around she is a bit nervous.  She depends on him and they are usually never to far apart  I call her Magnums toy.  :)  Her name is Lydia, she is almost 2 and they keep each other in great shape.  :)

Sorry I have rattled on longer than I intended.

Thank you again for such a magnificent dog.

Forever grateful,
laura clark